Groundfrog Day

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Snohomish Slew’s appearance...

Urban Fractured Folklore

The Legend of Snohomish Slew


Long before settlers arrived and named a snow-capped volcano “Mount Rain Here!”, and long before Lewis and Clark discovered half-caf lattes, came the legend of Snohomish Slew.  Seeking to find an enchanted kingdom, the frog (fresh from tadpole graduation, as legend tells us) hopped his way across the country to the Pacific Northwest.  The frog’s quest was to find a luscious, green, year-round climate with plenty of food and fauna.  Once there, winter hibernation would be a thing of the past.  Preferably, this frog wanted to escape the doldrums of amphibian slumber, the melancholy caused by relentless French epicureans, and absorb the sleepless in Seattle lifestyle.

Following the paths blazed by migrating sheep herders over the Continental Divide, the frog queried many of Mother Nature’s creatures along this great journey, asking for directions along the quest.

Sasquatch told the frog to seek the land between Mount Rain Here and Mount Pilchuck, where a great waterfall spills into a river with great variety of life.

The wild pigs that ran naked in the forest told the frog to seek the valley where the river runs pink with salmon.

The majestic Bald Eagle told the frog to look for a place near a great estuary where other eagles, hawks and songbirds sing all the livelong day.  There, close to a great bay, will be the soggy and foggy land that lends itself to frog frolicking and frog play.

A stately white tailed buck told the frog to follow the river to a place where muskrats and river otters play Marco Polo with steelhead.  Additionally, the buck warned the frog to stay away from migration trails and to never look into oncoming lights at night.

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